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Are you facing any such problems?

1. Your phone becoming slow, and its battery draining faster?

2. Not having enough space on your phone because of WhatsApp photos?

3. You have a lot of duplicate photos in your camera gallery?

If yes, then install this <i>Siftr Magic</i> app right away. We promise you that all the above problems will disappear instantly. <br/>

Siftr Magic is world's most powerful cleaner application for your phone.

Siftr Magic finds all the junk photos piling up and taking up space in your phone. It magically knows what’s important to you and what’s trash. It’ll smartly separate the two so you can simply remove all the junk in just one tap.

It doesn't take more than a few seconds to analyze all your photos. So instead of spending hours and hours deleting this junk manually, use Siftr Magic.

<i>Supported Messaging Apps - WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Telegram, Hike</i>

<b>***** Media Mentions ****** </b>

Siftr Magic app has been featured by DigitalInspiration, LifeHacker, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, CHIP Online, Gadgets 360, Inc42, Product Hunt, PhoneRadar, CNBC, News18, and many other media sites and tech bloggers. We are very grateful to all of them.

<b> Technology </b>

Siftr Magic is world's most intelligent and effective media cleaner app for Android. Cutting edge AI based image recognition technology cleans the phone off all the junk photos, videos and audio.

<b>So, what you are waiting for now? Click on the 'Install' button and see the magic! </b>


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